... a charming and disarming mélange of contradictions.”

— Liberty Press

Meet Nikki Moddelmog

Living rooms. That's where it all started.

Music first captured Nikki Moddelmog’s heart in the warmth of her friends’ living rooms. She learned her first five chords while hanging out and laughing and singing with her college buddies. It just felt right.

She's come a long way since then. With hundreds of shows, two solo CDs and dozens of original tunes to her credit, she has built a rock-solid following as one of central Kansas' notable singer-songwriters. Big stages, big audiences, and a hard-earned big-time reputation.

Her distinctive musical style puts her in good company on the folk-pop spectrum, somewhere between Ani DiFranco and Patty Griffin. Her songs are at once deeply personal and profoundly universal, and her onstage manner is a delightful blend of supreme confidence and awkward self-consciousness. One reviewer called her “a charming and disarming mélange of contradictions.”

She’s plenty busy these days. There’s her swingin’ trio The Sidecar Royals, and her collaboration with cellist Susan Mayo. Her stellar four-piece all-star folk-pop band The Mischief Makers is a powerful regional force. She still performs solo, and she is exploring jazz.

And while she’s grateful for her successes, she craves a more intimate audience now. She has fallen in love with house concerts.

“It’s my favorite way to play,” she says. “A small, engaged crowd. Like, gathered around with 12 other people. Me, telling my stories and playing my songs by the fire. Or in living rooms. Again with the living rooms.”

There’s a lot to love about that kind of performance. Lower volume. Closer connection with her audience. More reasonable hours. It is, in a word, healthier.

As a yoga instructor and a massage therapist with a long list of devoted clients, health is a primary concern for Nikki. “It’s my job to make people feel better. I want my music to be part of that.”

Look for Nikki Moddelmog wherever you go, coming soon to a living room near you.

What People Say

"Her memorable songs, circular and cyclical like life, and her crystal-clear vocals make for an extremely pleasant listening experience." - Wichita Register

"Her early performances revealed a charming, goofy, spontaneous talent -- a mighty engaging young artist who was just discovering her voice and her power ... Now her voice has lost some of its childlike wonder, but retains the wisest parts of idealism. In fact, she sounds just like Nikki Moddelmog, but maybe a little more experienced. And it's experience that makes us interesting." - Vionza Music

"Nikki is a charming and disarming mélange of contradictions. Her songs come from an old-soul-meets-Hello-Kitty philosophy of life. ... She ain’t no poser. She’s genuine, and she’s good." - Liberty Press

"The rich voice, the intricate melodies, the unapologetic lyrics bring to mind such artists as Michelle Shocked, Lisa Loeb, Patty Griffin and, clearly, Ani DiFranco." - Simply Begin

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