Henry learned to sit today. Well, not today, necessarily. But today, he actually did sit when I asked him to. First time around. Just put his little butt all 3 inches down to the floor.  

It was a glorious moment. The excitement that I achieved in my belly was comparable to finishing a song. I wanted to tell everyone. It reminded me of the time that he went to the bathroom outside instead of in my bed, or on my rug. I was so excited. The look on his face when I congratulated him and was so happy with him was priceless.  

I flashed back to the singer-songwriter circle when I first got started. I put a song out there that I had been working on, Juniper Coat. Total stream of consciousness song that was a little weird, but I felt so safe in that environment for feedback. A bunch of veteran songwriters giving me tips and excited for my growth and learning process. They certainly didn’t jump up and down like I did with Henry, but the feeling I got when they liked it made me grin like Henry did. 

This dog. 


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