I have officially become a coffee drinker.  

I believe that drinking coffee is a bit genetic. Meaning that 85-90% of all my friends who drink coffee, grew up with coffee drinking parents. They view it as a ritual. A routine that was part of the basal grooves in their brain from birth.  

I didn’t grow up with coffee drinking parents. I treated coffee as a treat for when I went to brunch with friends. I’d dress it up with cream and sugar and have dessert first. So yummy. It never had the stimulating effects on me that made my day better, or gave me super powers like my friends touted.  

Until now. 

Coffee is much like eggs. One week it’s good for you, (research done by coffee growers/manufacturers) and the next week it’s bad for you (research done by tea and orange juice companies).  

In the last few years, I have been performing little experiments on myself. What works and what doesn’t for my particular make up of bacteria, chemicals, muscles and bones. I’ve tried different exercise routines, different times of day to go to bed and wake up, and many ways of eating to see what my body likes.   
My body really likes yoga, weights and cycling. I perform best when I go to bed early and rise early. My body likes lots of fat and not many grains.  

I have been experimenting with a new thing, Bulletproof Coffee. Coffee with butter and coconut or MCT oil in it.  Not only is it delicious, but it helps me focus, get stuff done, and not worry about food! In many experiments, I was obsessed with food.  What to eat when and how much, etc.  This way of eating makes me feel good, full and not so worried about the in’s and out’s of my diet, so I can focus on more important things. 

Like blogging. 

Although I don’t need it, (that’s what I tell myself) I have come to appreciate the ritual and quite like being a coffee drinker. Best of all, I feel good, and that is what I’m all about. 

Henry likes it when I feel good.  More walks and treats for him!

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